Kitchen Transformation

Are you refurbishing your kitchen? Well NuFinishPro can help, you save money on your kitchen remodel, we can help you refinish your sink and counter-top surface. As you replace your kitchen cabinets and appliances, NuFinishPro can help you resurface your existing counter top and replace the existing coating on your sink to give it a new finish to make it look like new again.

Refinishing your countertop

Weather your counter top is tile or formica, we can repair and refinish your counter-top and give it a new finish after the repairs are done. NuFinishPro also has a wide variety of granite like finishes with a full line of Faux-Granite like colors available  that simulate the look of real granite making your old counter top look like new again. It has never been easier to update the look of your countertop with NuFinishPro’s granite like finishes.

Countertop and Sink Refinishing

Sink Refining and customize the color

NuFinishPro can also help you with your kitchen sink, we can spot repair the rust, cracks and holes that are in your sink and refinish your sink by replacing your sinks existing finish with a new coating to make it look like new again. We can also customize the color of your sink, NuFinishPro can apply a customized color of your choice from the Sherwin Williams paint deck, just provide us with the color code and the color name and we will apply the custom color of your choice as we refinish the sink.

Countertop and Sink Refinishing

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