Ensure the safety of hotel guests with NuFinishPro's non-skid treatment

Falling or slipping in showers or bathtubs are leading causes for injuries and costly insurance claims. Many incidents occur due to worn-out or grimy shower or bathtub surfaces. During the life time of a bathtub, the anti-slip coating will become ineffective through grime, dirt, and oil build-up. Dirt, body oils, cleaners, and disinfectants will wear down safety patterns on tubs and shower floors.

NuFinishPro’s non-skid treatment is a great way to reduce the chances of falls on wet bathroom surfaces. At the time of bathroom refinishing or repair, a non-skid treatment can easily be added.

Non-Skid Treatment

Improve the look of tubs and showers while protecting your guests from slipping or falling. NuFinishPro’s non-skid treatment leaves bathroom surface clean and safer for hotel guests to use over and over. Our technicians are trained to apply non-skid treatment meticulously and correctly without disrupting business or displacing hotel guests for long periods of time.

A Safe and Effective Non-Skid Solution for the Bathroom.

NuFinishProp’s non-skid treatment offers fast and effective solutions. The non-skid treatment can be completed quickly, without displacing guests for long periods of time, and without interfering with staff. NuFinishPro is available to schedule work around your schedule.

  • NuFinishPro technicians will remove the old coating, clean the bottom of the tub and mask off the work area.
  • The non-skid treatment is applied to the bottom of the tub or shower and allowed to set.
  • A final cleaning of the surface is conducted.
  • NuFinishPro provides instructions to hotel staff on care for the non-skid treatments.

Little or no Downtime

NuFinishPro technicians are trained to apply the non-skid treatment meticulously and professionally with little business disruption. We coordinate with engineering and maintenance departments to complete all work while rooms are not occupied. Upon work completion and setting period, rooms are odor free and ready for use.

About NuFinishPro

NuFinishPro has been refinishing bathrooms and showers since 1987. We are eager to give your hotel bathrooms a make-over. Since 50% of all the landfill waste originates from the construction industry, NuFinishPro will help in offering eco-friendly solutions and reducing carbon footprints during construction. NuFinishPro process is the eco-friendliest solution for bathtub, shower pan, and shower bath stall repair and restoration. Additionally, this process will improve the safety of your bathtubs and showers if the non-skid treatment is added.

Let NuFinishPro refinish, resurface or reglaze your bathtubs and showers, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

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