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Is there any damage in your bathtub or shower?
Is there a crack or hole which needs repair?
NuFinishPro can spot repair cracks, holes and other damage to the bathtubs, showers and sink surfaces. Spot repair is an efficient way to update hotel bathrooms with as little as 4 hour setting times. Advise our representatives if time is of essence for your repair projects.

NuFinishPro spot repair process includes:

  • Removing the existing coating
  • Extensively cleaning the surface needing repair
  • Repair damaged surface
  • Custom color match to existing surface color
  • Apply a seal to protect repaired surface

NuFinishPro can effectively repair most non-plumbing surface damage without having to refinish the entire tub, sink, or shower. NuFinishPro will remove the old coating around the damaged area, repair necessary surface, and custom color match to the existing coating.
The spot repairs can be completed quickly without lingering odors.
Spot repair benefits:

  • Showers, tubs, and sinks can be used immediately after work is completed
  • Room can be used or rented within 4 hours after work completion
  • Spot repairs can save you up to 50% of refinishing costs
  • Environment friendly, reduces waste generated during construction

Other Spot Repairs

NuFinishPro can repair rust damage on existing bathtubs, showers and sinks. Once repairs are completed, color matched coating can be applied and after the 4-hour cure time, spot repairs are complete.
Spot repairs can be performed on porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic. Stress cracks in bathtubs, sinks and showers, can also be repaired and color-matched.

NuFinishPro can spot repair:

  • Rust Damage
  • Chips in porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic
  • Stress Cracks

Non-Slip Solution

Avoid falling or slipping in showers and tubs with NuFinishPro’s Non-Slip Solution. The non-slip solution forms a textured surface to existing tubs which reduces the chances of slipping and falling.
There is no better way to protect your hotel guests than to reduce the chance of slipping than with NuFinishPro’s Non-Slip Solution.
Care and maintenance instruction will be provided by NuFinishPro once work is completed.

Non-slip treatment Installation Process:

  • NuFinishPro removes the existing finish
  • Surface is cleaned with a deep cleaning solution
  • Non-Slip Solution is applied to surfaces
  • After setting time, area is thoroughly cleaned
  • Hotel staff will be given cleaning & maintenance instructions

NuFinishPro’s Non-Slip Solution reduces construction waste, is environmentally friendly and saves up to 75% of the cost of replacing tubs or showers in the hotel bathroom. Most importantly, room rental down time is minimal, a 4 hour cure time is required before the hotel room bathroom can be used again.

Custom Color Matching

Does your existing shower, bathtub or sink need an updated look?
Do your showers, tubs, or sinks have chips, stains, or unsightly yellowing?
NuFinishPro can change the entire look of your bathroom including sink, shower, tub and tiles by applying a custom color or matching the current color to all surfaces.
NuFinishPro can match the existing color of most tubs, showers, sinks and tile surfaces to refresh the look of your hotels rooms. The bathroom surfaces can also be treated with a granite like finish in order to upgrade the current look of your rooms.

Choosing A Color

We have 6 in-stock including pure standard White, Kohler White, Biscuit, & Almond. Custom colors from the Sherwin Williams paint deck can be used if you supply the color name and color code.
The newest trend in refinishing is to upgrade surfaces with granite like finishes. NuFinishPro offers a wide variety of granite like finishes which can be applied to the surfaces to achieve a more updated, fresh look.
NuFinishPro can match the color of existing finishes, apply a custom color, or apply a granite like finish to your sink, tile, bathtub or shower surfaces. The choice is yours and the transformations are amazing. Ask one of our representatives for before and after looks or see photos on our website.
Whether you are refinishing entire bathrooms or just showers and tubs NuFinishPro can change the look and feel of your rooms. Please inform us if you want to change the color of the surfaces during the initial consultations so we may offer best options, least possible wait-time and guaranteed satisfaction.

Custom Color Matching:

  • Match existing color of existing surfaces
  • Create custom color from Sherwin Williams paint deck
  • Apply granite like finishes to surfaces

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